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The Instagram Rabbit Hole

Last year, in June, I organized a yoga challenge for academics (see details here). It grew from a yoga challenge I’d had with two friends for a few years running each June. This year, I was traveling and didn’t get myself together in time to arrange a challenge for June so I decided to do one of the ubiquitous Instagram yoga challenges. I chose one run by Carmen Aguilar of The Lab, a studio in Chicago. It’s called the #hipsummerhip challenge and focuses on deep hip opening. I can always use some hip opening (though you’ll see that the second half of the challenge is cray!).

I am hoping to write up some reflections on the challenge once I am done. This post is more thoughts on Instagram itself and some suggestions on who to follow if you’re interested. I am intimidated yet fascinated by the yoga/Instagram phenomenon. Last year this time I didn’t even know what it was and now I am posting daily. At least, I am this month. The pictures to be found here simultaneously challenge and support my faith in humanity. Yes, the level of narcissism is higher than I want to imagine is real (and just when I think I have a handle on this and accept it, some instagrammer pushes beyond that limit of my imagination). But, the sheer creativity and courage to be found on this social platform redeems it as a viable medium for me. Also, it’s part of my new research project, so some of this really is research. Really.

Ok, so the yoga part isn’t so much part of the research. But it’s hard to look away. And in watching those I follow, I found that the challenges inspired yogis to practice regularly, if only to be able to post a picture on time. Granted, one can spend the time allotted to practice looking at pictures of other people practicing, but that’s fodder another post. Continue reading The Instagram Rabbit Hole