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I like to move it move it!

Me assisting folks moving in Bryant Park, Summer 2013.
Me, moving about, assisting folks doing yoga in Bryant Park, 2013.

If you’re in academia, chances are you have long periods of sedentariness (and I don’t mean just the Netflix marathons). When I am working, I generally use a timer to remind me to get up and move about. These small pockets of movement in my day are good, but I have to remind myself to also prioritize making larger spaces in my schedule for yoga and to mix in other types of movement rather than fall into a yoga rut (which is way better than a Netflix rut, but still not desirable). I came across the following paragraph on movement in a post by Sara Seinberg on her Holistic Heath Coaching site. The whole post is a fun read, but the bit below spoke directly to this question of working movement into our day:

Start where you are. If you move a lot, bring in some variation and mix it up. If you don’t move at all, just start. Walk more. Take the stairs. Do a squat. Pick something you like. If you hate the gym, don’t go to the fucking gym. There is no such thing as a Gym Person. People tell me, “I’m not a Gym Person.” No one is a gym person. Going to the gym is a behavior. You go or you don’t. Who were people before gyms? Certainly still people. So. Maybe you find a gym you like. Maybe you start to hike. Or you dance at home between work breaks. Or maybe you go for walks or try running. Maybe you play tennis or you do the 7 minute workout a few times on your lunch break. Keep your eyes on your own paper. Don’t worry about what Bethany does because Bethany doesn’t have to live your life in your body. Do what you do. Bring a pal. Or if you’re very social, use movement to be alone. Leave your phone at home. Climb rocks and sightsee. Snowshoe. Ski. Swim. Lift weights. Shovel. Garden. Ice Skate. ANYTHING. Get a gang together. Or join mine! But Keep on Moving.

Yes, there’s a bit of an ad at the end, but her post was so well done that I figured I’d keep it in the quote, just in case you wanted to join her team.

So, choose one of her suggestions or one of my “sneaky moves” or make up your own and go MOVE it!

PS – I’ve just had the genius idea of adding a Spotify “move it” playlist here but have run out of blogging time. Will post it next week.