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The Future of Yoga Summit

Conferences seem to be (or be becoming) as popular in the yoga world as in the academic world. In the latter it’s more about attending than presenting, but nevertheless, they both generally involve relatively high registration fees and travel costs (or hoping that the one you want to attend is happening close by).

The Future of Yoga Summit (August 4-6) is free and requires no travel, no matter where you are. I haven’t registered yet so I don’t know what hidden costs might exist (and already I’ve noticed an “upgrade” option so there is money involved somewhere), but it seems a straightforward online summit about the state of yoga today and where some practitioners/leaders in the field would like to take it. The home page offers the following topics for the summit:

  • What’s revolutionary in the world of yoga – and where it’s headed
  • Exciting ways yoga can help transform culture and societal structures
  • Yogic wisdom for maintaining peace when facing social injustice
  • Ways yoga is contributing to resilience in youth and health and healing for ALL
  • How women’s experience transformed yoga in the contemporary world
  • The ways the Internet and technology is shaping yoga
  • The role of the guru, especially in light of scandals with prominent teachers
  • The most hopeful developments we’re experiencing in yoga today
  • Ways you can best contribute to yoga’s potential to bring positive change

A lot to cover in a few days, but doable in an online format. The list of featured speakers is fairly impressive and includes Cyndi Lee, Sean Corn, Hala Khouri, Suzanne Sterling, Judith Hanson Lasater, Richard Miller, and Shiva Rea.

It seems to be as geared toward regular practitioners (of all levels) as well as teachers and studio owners. Should be interesting. Will report back on what I’ve learned from my living room.