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Five Tattvas

Just before I started my year of no, I committed to joining a great group of yogis in writing for a new online project, Five Tattvas. As described on the site:

Five Tattvas recognizes the need for what we call embodied philosophical living.  Embodied philosophy is not philosophy of the intellect alone, but is an integrated, non-dualistic living wisdom. It is a decision to live with mindfulness, insight, attention and intention – one day at a time. Drawing on the perennial wisdom of the wider yoga and wisdom traditions – largely from the East – we seek to prescribe practices, activities, and modes of living that actualize liberating patterns of thought and behavior. These new patterns break us out of the habits that continuously cause us pain and suffering and reorient our lives in empowering ways.

I will be one of the yogis writing for the Five Tattvas “Embodied Philosophy” blog weekly. My first post is already up! It’s titled “I’m not there yet” and it focuses on lengthening the space between stimulus and reaction, something I’ve touched on here at calmstrength before (see “Brilliant Honesty”). Here’s an excerpt:

But the man who is self-controlled,
who meets the objects of the senses
With neither craving nor aversion,
Will attain serenity at last.
                      – Bhagavad Gita 2.64

I like this passage from the Gita. It’s aspirational in a way that seems out of my grasp, yet reminds me, at the same time, to not be so grasping. Even to “like” it, is to fall into the very response that it warns against: craving (raga) and aversion (dvesha). Just envisioning what this would be like is difficult for me. What would it mean to meet each sense object, each next thing, each past thing, with equanimity?

I’m not there yet.

Please head over to Five Tattvas to see the rest of my post and the other pieces by my co-bloggers. I’m excited about this new project, though concerned about blogging twice (!) a week. But since I’ll be saying no to so much else this year, perhaps it’ll all work itself out…. (If I think it will, it will…right?)

Banner from the Five Tattvas site