Yoga Challenge

June Yoga Challenge for Academics: An Experiment

The deets

  • Set a per-week goal for getting on your mat. No judgments here. Just make it a higher amount than you are doing right now. Any style, any duration, any location. (I highly recommend online classes from places like yogaglo and myyogaonline.)
  • Let me know what that goal is. June is around the corner, so the sooner the better.
  • Let me know if you want me to let others know what the goal is. (I am still working out the best forum for this. It may be here on this site, but not sure. Suggestions are very much welcome.)
  • Check in via twitter (@kbjosephs). Sorry for the limitation here but this was the best method I could come up with for now.
  • Let me know if you have any questions. As this is a first go, I’m sure I’ve overlooked something.
  • Get to practicing on June 1st!

The story

Four years ago, after a particularly full semester for each of us, two friends and I decided to do a yogathon in June. June was the perfect month to embark on such a challenge because we were too burnt out from the semester to be really serious about work yet and the whole summer stretched before us like the promise of a doable to-do list. We lived in three different states so we did check-ins via BBM (yes, we all had Blackberry phones back then). Of course, there was a lot of non-yoga chatter during these BBM checkins, but the yogathon worked so well that we did it again the following year.

This year I am completing my 500-hour certification for teaching yoga and as part of that program I am working on a website for academics interested in yoga. As June approached and I started thinking about our annual yogathon, I figured, why not experiment with opening it up to this community of academic yogis that I will be thinking about this summer? A friend called it a “yoga challenge” and I decided that term was more fitting (though less catchy) than “yogathon” because we’ll all have different goals. I queried a few folks and there seems to be interest, so, here we go….

The 2014 peeps

Crystal Fleming – at least sun salutes every day in June
Kaiama Glover – 4x per week
Maja Horn – every day in June
Kelly Josephs – every day in June
Natasha Lightfoot – 2x per week
Anjali Nath – 2x per week
Carla Shedd – 2x per week
Laurie Lambert – 2x per week


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