Mindfulness for those who have chosen a life of the mind.

My name is Kelly Josephs and I created Calm Strength to provide information and commentary on how yoga and meditation prepare us to meet the challenges of academia. In my day-to-day, I toggle between academic life and yoga, trying to balance the two to enable me to be the best me at both. I teach yoga in Brooklyn and Caribbean Literature at the City University of New York.

At heart, I am a teacher. Whether I am teaching literature, or yoga, or how to run the cash register at the food coop, I find that I enjoy passing on knowledge, especially knowledge that makes a difference in someone’s life. Some who know me well would say that I just like to tell folks what to do, and maybe they would be right; but whatever the reason, I gravitate toward teaching, which means I am always practicing my craft.

Calm Strength represents a melding of the various practices that sustain me. At the moment, it’s an experiment created in part for the completion of my 500-hour teacher training program with Yogaworks. I kicked things off with the 2014 June Yoga Challenge and that was a blast. I’m excited to see where else Calm Strength will take me.

Privates – yoga and meditation

Yoga privates available in NYC and meditation instruction available via Skype or Facetime. I specialize in work with academics, practitioners in high-stress careers, and support networks for those working with addiction.

Other projects

  • I write at Five Tattvas “Embodied Philosophy” blog on yoga and philosophy.
  • You can also read more about my academic publications and projects at kbjosephs.net.


  • My twitter account reflects my schizophrenic life. If you’re cool with that, I’d love to connect with you @kbjosephs.
  • Or, feel free to email me: kelly[at]calmstrength.net

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