not-so-simple steps

While it’s difficult to take a blog post titled “101 Steps to a Simpler Life” seriously, it made for interesting enough reading that I wanted to share it here.  There were some gems that I could only think were included for entertainment value:

10. Get rid of major appliances.

My fridge? Seriously?
I find it especially funny that this blog is on the site of a company that sells appliances.

30. Check your email only twice a day.

Hahahahaha!…aaahhh…excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes on this one…

79. Only read one book at a time.

I could claim multiple book reading as an occupational hazard, but really, do people really do this? Do people even desire to do this? Maybe I will revisit this in retirement….

But there were also some old favorites on the list that it never hurts to hear again:

11. Don’t keep something just because you might need it someday.

This is perhaps the biggest obstacle/objection I encounter (from myself and from anyone I begin preaching minimalism to). In my inexpert experience, if you throw out 100 things, you might wish you had 10 of them back afterward; but you’ll only need about one of those. And chances are good, here in America at least, that Amazon will be happy to let you re-acquire it.

26. Decrease your media consumption.

Yup. Less media = more time + more money.

50. Create a budget and stick with it.

The key here is to have a minimalist budget (like the 50/20/30 budget guideline from LearnVest). Too many items and it creates rather than reduces stress.

Then there were other items on the list that were either new to me or had not yet been ready for in the past. I am considering adding a few to my arsenal of tools in my own quest for a simpler life. Of particular note:

1. Ask yourself some starting questions.

I like this “visionary” approach. I generally just get fed up with an unsightly pile or diminishing space on a shelf/in a drawer/on my calendar and decide to clear out. Maybe thinking beforehand might mean a more consistent effort. But then again, it might just mean procrastinating.

90. Don’t meddle.

This one is quite difficult, especially when you just want to help. But I’ve found that sometimes that “helping” is just my way of saying or showing that I know the right way to do something and how is that helpful?

91. Keep your conscience clear.

Following on the heels of “Don’t meddle,” this is another one of those tips that remind us that minimalism isn’t just about physical stuff, it’s about mind stuff too.



2 thoughts on “not-so-simple steps”

  1. Hey Kelly! Glad to see you got something out of my post. 🙂 I will say, suggesting getting rid of major appliances was an extreme (and ironic) idea that a lot of people have commented on! I wanted to include it on the list as something to consider, not an essential.

    And I’ll agree, I’m an obsessive email-checker and I’m currently in the middle of reading three different books, so those steps are a bit laughable and something I need to work on myself.

    Anyway, thanks for the read and best of luck on your minimalist journey!

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